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War Widows Association,
News Delhi, India 



• In the previous years the WWA conducted several programs on health awareness and well being and prevention and cure from Arthritis, importance of good and balanced nutrition, protection from cancer specially in women, importance of Yoga for all and specially for the elderly. Other crucial issues discussed were the need to make a timely LEGAL WILL and on constitutional rights of every citizen, especially women in the context of growing violence on them.

1. Women’s Leadership in the Political Process
WWA had been requested by Initiative Women in Development, Chennai, to participate in a National conference to discuss on issues of importance to women for which new policies need to be developed and additions be made in existing policies. During the one day workshop in the first week of April, in Shaheed Bhawan members participated and learnt about the functioning of the Parliament and its two houses , the role of Parliamentarians and elected members, and how common citizens can influence policy making. The following policy paper was prepared by General Secretary, WWA. “Youth & Sports policy” by Mrs. Damayanti V Tambay.

2. Rights of the Girl Child and Protection against Exploitation
Legal awareness on the above subject was organized with the support of Justice Sunanda Bhandare Foundation. The members enquired about the law for the protection of women and the girl child and how to implement them. The resource persons responded to all the questions raised and were a great help in explaining problems and how to use the legal process.

3. ‘Celebrating the Festival of Lights” - Cultural Programme
War Widows Association celebrates festivals around Dassera-Diwali at Shaheed Bhawan with a cultural program of music and dance by the students of those organizations that are supported by WWA.
 Children of Shaheed Bhawan from the computer and tailoring classes put up a dance 
& music programme which was preceded by “Sarsawati Vandana”. 
An orphanage in Delhi- Zion Welfare Society brought their children to sing and dance. They also performed a dance on a yoga theme. WWA provides support to them for their educational program.
Joint Women’s Programme - Mera Sahara Centre for children performed several items of dance, singing and drama. These children were from classes 1-4 from the Nithari Village, Noida, UP. Uniforms and text books are partly provided to them by the WWA.

4. Visitors from the USA for sharing of information regarding widows
The War Widows Association entertained a team of sixteen students from Fairfield, Connecticut , USA, who wished to learn about the work of WWA with the widows of war and conflict. The President informed them about the reason why such an organization was necessary and gave them all the details regarding the activities of WWA. Dr. Jyotsna Chatterji , Consultant, also informed about the various wars at the borders, and the continuing conflict, the problems faced by the veer naris and their families , specially in a country where widows also suffer from cultural and religious discrimination. A general discussion was held on the status of widows in India since ancient times to the present. 

5. Awareness programme on Cancer in Women
An interesting activity conducted by the Dialogue Centre was an awareness programme on ‘Cancer in Women’. Dr Priya Tiwari from AIIMs was invited to discuss this issue with the veernaris and other members of the WWA.
Dr Tiwari began her talk by emphasising that cancer can be cured / controlled if attended to, in the early stages. She said that our body is made of many cells and if cancer affects one cell it can affect other cells and spread from one organ to another organ. It is commonly confused with other diseases, such as T.B.. Cancer can affect any organ. In women the major forms are - breast cancer, cervical cancer, bone cancer, blood cancer , skin cancer and lung cancer. It may affect other organs also. She also described the treatment required for each kind, and emphasised the fact that cancer is curable if detected in the early stages, and that cancer effects the body without warning.
She recommended that every woman should follow a healthy life style, regular and quick investigation if suggested , prevent obesity and control weight.
The large group present were greatly influenced by her talk and raised several questions about their own problems and how to attend to them.

6. International Women’s Day
The International Women’s Day was celebrated jointly by the War Widows Association & the Guild for Service, New Delhi on the 8th March, 2016 at Gandhi Smriti, New Delhi at 11:00am. Global Interfaith Peace Prayer was organised to celebrate the occasion.

The program started with the lighting of the lamp by the ‘Veer Naris’’ of the War Widows association which was accompanied by the laying of wreaths on the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation. 

The UN representative read out the message of the U.N. Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, on the occasion of the International Women’s Day .This was followed by prayers from different faith.

Celebrating with other women’s organizations in programmes of interfaith prayer for peace and communal harmony.  

War Widows Association, New Delhi conducted a workshop on “Naturopathy” under its ‘Dialogue Centre Programme’ at Shaheed Bhawan. on 5 February 2017. Dr Rajiv Rastogi, Deputy Director of Central Council of Research, Yoga and Naturopathy, under Ministry of AYUSH, Govt of India, Institutional Area, Janakpuri was the Resource person.

Before starting his talk on Naturopathy, Dr. Rajiv Rastogi asked some questions on Naturopathy from the audience. Most of them gave different answers according to their understanding of Naturopathy.
 He informed that in India “Naturopathy and Yoga” comes under Department of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Sidha and Homeopathy ( Ministry of AYUSH).
 He also enlightened that everything in the universe is made up of five basic elements, in different proportions. These five elements are earth ( Prithvi),Water ( Jal), Air (Vayu), Fire ( Agni) and Ether(Aakash). Nature cure treatment, the science of natural therapy is based on a use of the same five elements, in the treatment of diseases in the human body.

In Naturopathy, Doctors provide treatment to patients by promoting self healing as well as diet and life style counselling. It is based on the process of health care by individual efforts towards the optimal expression of physiological, physical, mental, emotional health and spiritual well being. There is no shortcut for good health in order to keep the body sound and healthy.
Dr Rastogi also spoke about the use of hydrotherapy/ colour ( oil in different coloured bottles are kept in direct sun rays for minimum 40 days and then do message) therapy which relieves pain and recommended the use of Neem leaf in water while taking bath or use fresh lemon juice in water for bath to make one feel fresh.     

Yoga Camp
7. New Venture at Shaheed Bhawan- SUMMIT Play School   
AT FARIDABAD – an interactive session with war widows
Capacity Building
Other activities undertaking by WWA are skill training programs for women and youth in tailoring Computer operating, beauty culture, spoken English and coaching classes for young students in Delhi, Najafgarh , Jhajjar, Bulandshahr, Rasoolpur and Vrindavan. Workshops and seminars are also held on issues related to women and widows and their rights.
Capacity building programs are:
• Educational programs for children of widows of war and of other marginalized sections.
• Certificate courses on tailoring for adolescent girls from marginalized section of society and those involved in part time domestic work
• Computer training for young mothers and adolescent girls, some being the children and wives of Defence personnel’s.
• Beauticians courses for young girls from the under privileged sections to enable them to find jobs
• .
• Networking with like minded organizations in conducting group marriages for the poorer section of society and children of widows
Summit Coaching Classes in Jhajjar
The agreement signed between Government Senior Secondary School, Matanhail, Jhajjar to start a Coaching centre last year, has proved to be a very successful enterprise. Several students have joined the coaching classes for competitive exams, specially from the poorer marginalized communities. Out of 42 students 21 have got merit in the class 12 Board exams. Several of them have been placed in the first division. The student who stood first got 91.8 %.
One of the girl students, Manisha has qualified for admission to the Military Nursing Course. Anshuman, Tinku and Rajneesh have qualified for admission to the JEE Main ( IIT).The program is running very well under the guidance of the Principal Mr Ratinder Singh, the Block Education Officer, Mr Kashmiri Singh and Subedar Dharmeveer Singh.

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